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Just to let you know that our Browser (Cavoodle) has well and truly settled here in Singapore! He is the hit of the condo…all who see him inquire into his breed and where we got him from as he is definitely the sweetest coolest puppy in the Tropics! He has been to puppy kindergarten and… Read more “Browser the Cavoodle”

Here are a few photos of ‘Ali’s arrival in Hong Kong’…..she seems to be settling well already and has a lovely nature. Thanks for all your support. You have made this process very smooth indeed and we are so happy with our new puppy. Best wishes… Read more “Ali from Hong Kong”

Here are some pictures of our Cavoodle Foster. He is so cute and so smart. We tried to get some in the desert. I just noticed that Dick has an Indiana T-Shirt on so now it looks like we are Indiana. Only Indiana isn’t desert, it’s covered in snow right now. The grandchildren just love… Read more “Foster from USA”

Gnu (Schnoodle) has arrived safely in Hong Kong and has been a complete star this weekend – may be some beginners luck with the housetraining, but not a squeak at night and so far all business safely done in the garden! Best… Read more “Gnu (Schnoodle)”

We just wanted to let you know that Toffee, our Cavoodle puppy arrived safely in Hong Kong last Friday morning. Already within the first day she started to be very playful, was not shy, ate and drank well and went to the toilet on our lawn. Best regards and thanks from Hong Kong, Andreas &… Read more “Toffee the Cavoodle”

Frankie (Schnoodle) is settling in life in Hong Kong well – had a good bath yesterday, is eating, drinking, sleeping and playing. She is quite a chilled little puppy. Rests quietly when resting and has fun playing. We’ll send you some more photos when she is 6 months old too. Kind Regards, Catherine… Read more “Frankie (Schnoodle)”

Our Cavoodle puppy arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong yesterday. She is absolutely beautiful and so sweet! On her first walk she was wagging her tail, jumping and playing in the grass. We gave her a bath, fed her and played with her and all her new toys before she fell asleep on my… Read more “Cavoodle in Hong Kong”

It has been a few months since our Schnoodles Minty and Pepper arrived here in Singapore and I just wanted to let you know how well they are doing and what a joy they are to have in our family. They are the most gorgeous dogs and everyone loves them – they have friends everywhere… Read more “Minty and Pepper”

Thank you so much! Both our Cavoodle and Schnoodle pups arrived safely and have really settled in well to Hong Kong life. They are now fully vaccinated and enjoying exploring the hills and trails behind our house! They are a daily delight to use and have really been showing their own unique characters of late.… Read more “Cavoodle and Schoodle”

Just wanted to let you know that our little Dougal (Cavoodle) is well settled into life here in Singapore. All of the children (and adults) where we live know and love him and strangers stop and ask about him and photograph him when we take him out. He is just a darling to look at!… Read more “Dougal the Cavoodle”

Geoff and Marie Louise, Here you have a photo of my daughter playing with her new Cavoodle puppy which she has decided to call Pate’… like the food. Thanks again for all your help, exporting our puppy to Singapore. Sincerely,… Read more “Cavoodle Pate”

Little Cavoodle Chelsea has been with us for 2 months now and she is just wonderful!! She has brought so much joy to our home, my two boys absolutely love her! She has the most wonderful disposition and temperament! She loves being cuddled which is good because she gets smothered with love by James who… Read more “Chelsea the Cavoodle”

Just a note to tell you how Oscar is enjoying Hong Kong!  Thank you for everything! Sue Crawford – Hong… Read more “Oscar in Hong Kong”

Here is a photo of my kids, Stephanie 4 & Sebastian 2 with Jasper.  They LOVE her!  She has the best temperament, and is now running and jumping like a rabbit in the fields, I think she’s happy!!!  Cheers & thanks! Dick and Rae – Hong… Read more “Jasper in Hong Kong”

Mollie is a ball of fun!  Since the day she arrived she has put a smile on our faces.  She has brought us loads of happiness!  Thank you for recommending this perfect little puppy for us. Regards Janelle Travis –… Read more “Mollie in Singapore”

Peppa has settled into life with us in Hong Kong. I have absolutely no problem with you publishing the photos on your website page. Kindest regards Katie… Read more “Peppa in Hong Kong”

Good day, Thank you for your support on sending our Cavoodle puppy Luno to Japan. Luno is enjoying his life in Japan. I have attached a picture of him and us and our other dog Neo.  Luno is so cute. Very people friendly dog. We are super happy that we have Luno as our new… Read more “Luno”

We are ow living in Kuala Lumpur with our Cavoodle puppy Hacker and this picture, taken by John, won an international schools photogrphy contest.… Read more “Hacker”

Our Cavoodle Hacker is still writing for a magazine in Kuala Lumpur. He’s such a hit that he’s now allowed to write about anything he wants. For his latest article he’s interviewing the school librarians for summer reading recommendations. The school PTA made him a bandana with the school crest for the photos. We think… Read more “Hacker Cavoodle”

Hi Marie Louise, How are you? We have named our Moodle puppy Zac, sending you a few pics. We are thrilled that he is a part of our family. He has settled in well and we absolutely adore him. He has grown quite tall. Maybe like his father? The few pics with a scarf are… Read more “Zac Moodle”

Our Cavoodle puppy Hacker is all grown up and got himself a job. This is his first article giving advice about cool doggy friendly places in Malaysia. Lots of love.… Read more “Hacker Cavoodle”

Hi Geoff & Marie, I hope all is well? I just wanted to update you that our Cavoode puppy Charlie is doing very well and has settled into life in Singapore and having fun playing with his sister Daisy and growing into a lovely well-adjusted dog, he is very social and wants to meet and… Read more “Charlie Cavoodle”

Zac Moodle turned 1 in Singapore on 16th October.  He is a sweetheart and adorable. Thanks so much for giving us Zac! Warm regards,… Read more “Zac Moodle”

Here we are celebrating Hacker’s 2nd Birthday in Singapore… Read more “Hacker turns 2 in Singapore”

I have been meaning to message you since last week! We have been very busy settling in our new puppy.  Ellie made it to Hong Kong all good and is adorable and doing really well.  We didn’t get up to her at all the first few nights so now she is sleeping through without a… Read more “Ellie Cavoodle”

Hello Marie-Louise and Geoff We wanted you to know that Spud and Noodle Cavoodles are living the life of luxury in Italy!!! Thank you, John and… Read more “Spud and Noodle Cavoodles”

We have moved to Malaysia now from Hong Kong and Hacker is 3 years old today.  He’s the best dog we’ve every had. Super loyal and loved by everyone…he’s great with kids who are scared of dogs. Roast chicken with salmon sashimi for birthday dinner tonight. (All his favourite). Much love,… Read more “Hacker is now 3!!”

Here is Biscuit in Hong Kong. He is a model for a watch company now!!!!  Thank you so much.… Read more “Biscuit”

Hi both, Just want to give you an update. Buddy is almost 6 months old now and he is doing well! He put on a lot of weight though and seems to be growing faster than we expected! ? Feel free to follow him on Instagram… Read more “Buddy in Hong Kong”

Dear Fluffy Puppies , Just some latest pictures of Milo 🙂 he turned 5 months old this 4/9 . Have a lovely day ahead ! Warm regards,… Read more “Milo Cavoodle”

Hi!!! Hope you are all well. Just a quick photo of Hacker who turned 6. The worlds best friend…bar none. Much love.… Read more “Hacker turns 6”

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