Choose the Right Puppy

1: Buy from a Professional Breeder

  • Buy from a breeder who is a Registered Business, with Local Council Approval and is Veterinary Endorsed.
  • Fluffy Puppies is a Veterinary Endorsed Professional Breeder, regulated by Veterinary Audits and Inspections
  • Fluffy Puppies is a Registered Business (BN98414105)
  • Fluffy Puppies also has Local Council Development Application Approval (No. 10.2011.32.1)

2: Choose a Puppy to Suit Your Lifestyle

Non-Shedding Slight Shedding Live Indoors Live Indoors and Outdoors Small. Up to 30cm tall & up to 5 kilos Medium. Up to 40cm tall & 6—7 kilos Less Exercise More Exercise
Moodles Shoodles Cavoodles Moodles Shoodles Moodles Shoodles Cavoodles Moodles Shoodles Cavoodles Moodles Shoodles (backyard play & 1 x 30 min walk/wk) Cavoodles (backyard play & 2 x 30 min walks/wk)

3: Choose a Healthy Puppy

  • Fluffy Puppies are bred from healthy parent dogs that have been examined by our Vet, Dr Tom McClelland and genetically tested by Orivet.
  • Our puppies have a comprehensive six week Vet Health Check by Dr Tom McClelland, to ensure that we deliver healthy puppies to our customers.
  • All of our puppies are vaccinated, micro-chipped and wormed before delivery to our customers.
  • We also give our puppies preventative treatment against ear mite and fleas.

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