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Goldie Cavoodle

Hi Marie Louise and Geoff, We are very very proud of Goldie and she’s given us sooooo much joy love and fun in our family. Regards Di Pete and… Read more “Goldie Cavoodle”

Haddie Cavoodle

Geoff and Marie Louise, You previously asked for an image of Haddie at 6 months of age. But I thought I’d go one better and give you an image AFTER her latest grooming session in Bathurst. She is gorgeous, alert, easily trained and so full of love. Thank you for giving us the chance to… Read more “Haddie Cavoodle”

Phoenix Cavoodle

I picked up my boy from you in October last year and he is now almost 1 years old. He has been the most incredible blessing to me and I can’t imagine life without him. I called him Phoenix and he has the most beautiful nature. He is still very timid of city living and… Read more “Phoenix Cavoodle”

Cosmo Cavoodle

We hope you are all well and send our thanks for such a beautiful, affectionate and clever puppy! He’s also very gutsy and a great athlete – he is very fast and loves to explore, play ball and meet friends at the dog park. We walk twice a day and he has gotten us all… Read more “Cosmo Cavoodle”


Dear Marie-Louise and Geoff I feel the need to tell you, in 2011 you sold us a most dearest little cavoodle, firstly known as Narelle. Sadly she was bitten by a tick 10 days ago. It was so severe, that I had to have her euthanased. I can remember Geoff saying, without a doubt, she… Read more “Narelle”

Teddy Cavoodle

Thank you. I have forwarded a photo of Teddy who’s from you. He’s a true delight. Kind regards Jane, Ian And… Read more “Teddy Cavoodle”

Cosmo’s Family

The McDonald Family adopted Cosmo Cavoodle. Thank you for being such great pet owners! Geoff and Marie Louise from Fluffy… Read more “Cosmo’s Family”

Benji Cavoodle

Thought you would like an update on Benji now that he is five months old.  He is an absolutely delightful puppy, full of fun and energy. He is very intelligent and has learned so much already. It didn’t take him long to learn to climb my stairs up and down (2-3 days), walk on a… Read more “Benji Cavoodle”


Thanks Geoff and Marie-Louise! I’ve attached a recent photo of our lovely Daisy that we purchased from you in 2019 if you wanted an update Have a great weekend!… Read more “Daisey”

Albi Cavoodle

Good Afternoon Geoff and Marie-Louise, We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Our Albi is such a delight. We love him dearly as does all our family. This photo was taken today. He is the perfect fluffy puppy and we thank God and you for him every… Read more “Albi Cavoodle”

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