Local Feedback

Hi Marie Louise and Geoff

Our little treasure Benji has been progressing very well, and has melted all our hearts.  He is the favourite member of the family all around!

Thank you again.

Will Bourke

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff

I was lucky enough for you to provide Molly to me  – she is 3 today and absolutely adorable with a beautiful soul – love her to death and she is my little angel – she is 3 today 1st January

Jeanette Martin

Hello Marie-Louise

Tempting as it is to welcome another fluffy puppy home, I am not sure Poppy and Teddy, 9 years old on 23 July and our best friends and travelling companions would be that amused!

Here they are – as ever soooooo gorgeous.

Kind regards.

Liz de Soyres

Hello Marie Louise and Geoff,

I have attached a picture of Rosie and Luna for your enjoyment!

Thanks! Amanda

Dear Fluffy Puppies,

Please find herewith a picture of Rosie.

We have had her now for some eighteen months, during which time she has stolen our hearts and rules our house.

Thank you for making it possible for us to have this priceless pup in our lives.

Michelle and Bob Gunner.

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

Milly is just amazing, but I wanted to share something magical with you. Milly’s birth date the 14th July 2023, is the same date we had to have our last dog Cooper put down by the Vet. I feel that is just amazing and is like she was always meant to enter our home and hearts.

She is really an amazing settled and content little dog that has already developed a beautiful bond with the children. She didn’t make a sound in the long drive home In her crate, eats amazingly well and slept all night with no crying and only one little accident which she did near the laundry….

Here is a of photo of her settled in her bed. It is very obvious she has come from a loving and nurturing breeder.

Kind Regards,

Brad & Michelle McCracken (& the Kids)


Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

Our gorgeous, cheeky, fun and very funny pup Ochre who we purchased from you is now 7months old. I thought I’d give you an update, and send a couple of recent photos.

She is quite big, nearly 10kg, is SUPER social with all people and with all other dogs. She especially loves a big run off lead with other dogs. She also loves new adventures, going out with us. She certainly does have a friendly and sweet nature.

So…. many thanks to you for bringing her into our lives.

Regards Louise and Bill Smith


Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,

We thought we would share these photos of 5 month old Meche.

He had his first big groom this week.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Krstanovski family.


Hi Mary-Louise and Geoff,
Photos of Our Meg at 6 months.  Having always had big dogs and after the death of our 12.5 year old setter we took the plunge and got a small dog because of our age and the fact we cannot be without a dog.  We are so enamoured with little Meg. She is the cutest most loving and smart puppy anyone could ask for. She brings enormous delight to our lives every day. Thank you for breeding lovely dogs.

Lynne Frizell and Arthur McNamara

Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for giving us over 14 amazing years with Holly. We sadly had to say goodbye to her forever yesterday. I was looking over her things/records and came by our email exchanges back in 2009. Not only was she beautiful but she was the best most gentle spirit we’ve been lucky enough to have in our lives. She was the perfect amount of cheeky, fun, loyal, loving, cuddly, and intelligence. She wanted nothing more than to be in our arms (preferably) or be near us.

She moved to Auckland with us in 2012 and her house buddy Cody is still with us, a distinguished old man (terribly cute and intelligent but perhaps a little grumpier with his old age 😊).

I’m sure with the many awesome little beings that you’ve helped bring into this world that you’ve heard about loss from others before but I just wanted to thank you for bring to us our Holly.

Sincerely, Eddie

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