We’ve only had Bailey for 3 months but it feels like he’s always been a part of the family. He is a very smart puppy! Mischievous and playful, yet gentle and loving.

He is a fast learner! His training at puppy pre-school went really well and I’m confident he’d be amazing at his next ones. Although like all dogs he loves to eat, he can’t be seen begging nor sitting under a table waiting for crumbs and scraps. He’s perfect!

To our surprise, Bailey was already toilet-trained from the day we got him, and unlike many puppies I’ve seen from other breeders’ social media pages, his face was clean and no staining around his eyes. These showed me that Geoff and Marie-Louise look after their dogs very well and give them a great foundation before they even send them to their new families!

​We were provided with all the information on Bailey and things that we needed to know to make the transition easy. I would recommend Fluffy Puppies to anyone also looking for a lovely puppy to add to their family and I look forward to picking up our next one from Geoff and Marie-Louise!

Ramos Family, Kellyville NSW