The First Day and Night with your New Puppy

The first night home for your cavoodle puppy will not be easy because it is unfamiliar territory for your puppy. Regardless of how much you are in love with your new puppy, challenges are inevitable.  There is an investment of your time and patience as you nurture your puppy into the dog you love. If you follow our instructions and give your puppy what they need, you are set for a perfect relationship!

Getting set up for your new Cavoodle Puppy

Preparation is the key before your puppy arrives home. Here is a summary of some essential equipment you need to have ready: Dog Bed, Food and Water Bowls, Chew toys, Play Pen, Baby Gates if required, Peepads and a Small Adustable Collar and lead. We also recommend Advance Puppy Food for your Cavoodle Puppy Moodle Puppy or Shoodle Puppy.

Toilet Training your new Cavoodle Puppy

As soon as your puppy arrives home, begin toilet training by taking them to their toilet spot. Whenever they eliminate on the right spot, praise your Puppy with lots of positive words and cuddles. Ensure they eliminate outside before bringing them indoors. Plan the toilet breaks every couple of hours while inside the house during the day.

Establishing a Puppy Zone for your new Cavoodle Puppy

The first day and night is a chance to show your Puppy their territory within the family home and yard. Establish a routine as well as physical borders to get them used to the limits you have for them.  The essentials on the first night are the location of food and water bowls and a soft place to sleep.

Your Cavoodle Puppy First Night of Crying

On arrival, you may have the urge to invite friends to meet your cute little Puppy  however this is not a good idea. Dedicate this first day to making your Puppy comfortable in their new home. The priority is to give your new Puppy or confidence and familiarity in their new home. You need to establish feeding times, toilet times and bed times and these new routines will take time for your new puppy to grasp.  Cavoodle puppies and are very social dogs and will want to be part of their new family as fast as possible. 

Your Puppy and will need to sleep a lot so allow them to spend time in their designated bed for as much rest as possible.  Being a puppy is exhausting and they can sleep as much as 16 hours a day!  Cavoodle Puppies also have frequent toilet needs nearly every hour. They therefore, take frequent short naps and need to go outside immediately once they are awake. Your Cavoodle Puppy may wake you with their crying on the first night just like a baby would. It is a good idea to let your  Puppy cry it out in order to let them know that crying will not result in the attention that they want.  Your Puppy will settle down and realise that when the house is quiet, then it is time to sleep.

We are always available to give you advice after you take your new Puppy home.  We are here to help you with our practical advice.  You can email us at or call us on 0408460581. 

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