Pet Therapy - The Benefits and Power of Pets

It is reported that pet owners:

  • Visit the doctors less often and use less medication
  • On average have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure
  • Recover more quickly from illness and surgery
  • Deal better with stress
  • Are less likely to say they are lonely

Fluffy Puppies is proud to report that some of our puppies are now very special Pet Therapy Dogs…….

“Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,
Just a quick Chase update and picture 🙂


He is doing wonderfully well…….couldn’t ask for a better temperament, we are tremendously happy with what a fun loving, willing to please and never putting a paw wrong (most of the time!) dog he is. He is completely reliable off lead and when asked will put his toys away in the box!

He is a regular visitor to a local disabled school for children with physical and mental disabilities. He is very tolerant and loves the kids. Soon he will be accompanying my mum everyday (she is a teacher there) to school to help teach the kids how to act with animals.


He absolutely loves his food, one of his most favourite things in the whole world. He has a good diet of mince, sardines, high quality kibble, tuna, chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. He loves chewing on deer antler! My mum believes only the best for our dogs!!!



“Dear Marie-Louise and Geoff,


Here is Bijou (Schnoodle) with me in our garden. She is doing very well and has bonded extremely well with my son Andrew. The patients at work love her visits! Thank you,
Regards Eniko”

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Geoff and Marie-Louise Burton

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