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We live on a picturesque 40 hectare property located in the O’Connell Valley, 2.5 hours drive west from Sydney. Our family property is rich in history, with the Burton family working the land for six generations since 1827. We are breeders of puppies and sheep and also have alpacas and a miniature horse.

Fluffy Puppies - Breeders Cavoodle puppies for sale
  • NSW Pet Registry Breeder Identification Number: B000611364
  • Responsible Pet Breeders Australia: Member Number 12253
  • Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders: Member Number 17706
  • Local Council Approved Business - Oberon Council 10.2011.32.1
  • Registered Business with the Department of Fair Trading. BN98414105
  • Our Vet, Dr. Tom McClelland health checks, vaccinates and microchips our puppies and is happy to speak with our customers.
  • Fluffy Puppies are bred from healthy parent dogs that have been genetically tested by Orivet.
  • We do not mass produce puppies and do not sell our puppies to Pet Shops.
  • We help individual customers choose the right breed of puppy to suit their lifestyle.
  • We also ensure that our puppies are going to a home where they will be loved and cared for appropriately.
  • We provide our customers with advice regarding high quality puppy food, vaccination requirements and also recommend Puppy Pre-School for inexperienced pet owners.
cavoodle breeders - property
cavoodle breeders - property
cavoodle breeders - property



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Geoff and Marie-Louise Burton

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