Misty turned 1 back in March and continues to provide love, laughter and happiness in abundance! Misty  is going very well, we have relocated from our duplex on a very small block into my mothers house complete with 1/2 acre for her to run around on.  Misty adapted well to moving and has a slightly new routine and plays with my mothers 12 year old dog.   She has a 14 year old brother also so we continue to give her lots of outings where she sometimes gets to mix it up with some younger dogs.  We will have to break it to her slowly when it time to move again.  Misty will take it all in her stride like she normally does. I have attached a phoro of her taking in the surroundinga while waiting for her boyfriend (cocker spaniel) next door to come out for a quick chat.  They say g’day through the fence and have a quick chat and happy with that. Thank you again for a wonderful pup she is a pleasure and great addition to our family. Cheers, Kerry, Dave & Misty