Just thought I’d send you a Daisy update. She’s now 7 months old, 5 kilos. She’s absolutely devine, clever, stubborn, affectionate, very playful & loved loved loved to bits by all of us. She senses things about my kids before I know about it too. She’s been brilliant for scarlet particularly. Alex (10 yr old) has taught her to sit, shake hands, roll over, dance, drop & crawl. He’s currently teaching her to ride his skateboard. We often call her “Claude” because she has his face sometimes. She’s fairly shy with strangers outside the house, never barks at other dogs, rarely barks at all. Loves kids more than anything, sleeps a lot. She can run like the wind & has had no injuries or issues. She begs a lot for food so I’ve had to put some strict rules in place. She does shed a decent amount at this stage but not as bad as other dogs I’ve had.  Melinda Pettigrew