Our Cavoodle puppy Lulu is absolutely wonderful. We have had her for just over a month and she has been such a joyful addition to our family. We would definitely recommend a dog from Fluffy Puppies to anyone who wants to purchase a dog as we have a wonderful cute healthy beautiful dog who is admired by everyone who sees and meets her and adored by her new family. Lulu is quick to learn, fun and loving and always excited to meet new people and new dogs too. Today was the second time we took her to the park as we waited for ten days after her second vaccine and she was confidently running up to dogs that were three times her size. It is so lovely to see how well she is socialising with people and dogs. She is fun, active and also sweet, cuddly and gentle. Should anyone be considering purchasing a puppy I would highly recommend fluffy puppies breeders as they breed beautiful puppies with such lovely natures. I know two other people who purchased adorable puppies from fluffy puppies and they have both grown into beautiful, healthy well adjusted dogs. Fluffy puppies breeders were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process of choosing and selecting and buying a puppy so easy.

All the best

Elise Eliakim