Dear Marie-Louise and Geoff

I feel the need to tell you, in 2011 you sold us a most dearest little cavoodle, firstly known as Narelle. Sadly she was bitten by a tick 10 days ago. It was so severe, that I had to have her euthanased. I can remember Geoff saying, without a doubt, she is a sweet, gentle  puppy will not shed and will be easy to train. He was right! We named her Rosie.

She was all of those!!

I am now totally alone as my husband died and the Grandaughter we raised is 21  now I hope you can use this message as a testimonial.

She was a Ruby colour, exactly like the picture of her mother you sent us in 2011.

She was my absolute treasure and loving companion. I am totally bereft and lost without her. I am grieving at the moment.

I have downsized from our home to a lovely retirement village called, The Landings in North Turramurra on level one with a little balcony. Rosie quickly learned to use a doggy loo.

Please accept my thanks for a simply gorgeously loving, faithful and gentle companion, We loved so dearly.

Kind regards,

Dorothy Marsh.