We just wanted to let you know how Petra is doing in our care.

We have now had her for 6 months and we love her dearly! While I worked from home last year, she and I developed a very strong bond that was increasingly shared with Ros after I returned in November to working from the office.

Weather permitting, we walk her twice daily and this gives us all good exercise. We always brush her afterwards and check for grass seeds and burrs.

Petra took to the lead very quickly and her house training was easy because she is sensible and has never done her business inside the house.

We built her a kennel that she uses when we need to leave her home alone and she loves being in the back yard and garden with us when we are working outside.

Last weekend, we took her to Eden where we stayed 4 nights in a pet-friendly motel. We also took her with us to Victoria for Christmas and New Year.

I have enclosed some photos to show how well she has settled in with us.

Many thanks for the opportunity to re-home Petra. We appreciate it very much. She has added so much value and love to our lives.