Baci (Ba-chi) celebrated his half birthday this week and is now 4.5kg. He has a very sweet, affectionate, happy and adventurous temperament. Constantly wagging his tail with a toy in his mouth! He is very intelligent which makes him easy to train and has already mastered the agility tunnel which he was able to demonstrate for his puppy class. From Baci’s first walk in public he was like a duck to water! Immediately stayed on the left with a loose lead, we think his big brother showed him the ropes. He enjoys playing with his toys, peanut butter kongs, sun-baking, napping next to my desk while I’m working, going for walks around the block, hanging out on the couch while we watch TV and exploring in the backyard. It didn’t take him long to work out how to open the back fly screen door! Thank you again!  Jacqui and Andrew Turner