Lulu’s personality is beautiful, she is very intelligent and such a joy to have around. If I’m not paying her attention she will lift my hand to stroke and to pat her, she has learnt some commands, such as sit (sometimes), ‘stay’, most of the time, ‘out’ and ‘walk’.

She has been very easy to toilet train, she had a few accidents, in the house, in the beginning but now if she wants to go outside she sits at the back door and barks, we open it for her and she comes back in after she has relieved herself.

Her only mistake she makes is if we have visitors, which she absolutely loves, as she is very social.

We are looking forward to Christmas in Sydney with our family (we missed it last year because of Covid-19) our niece has a poodle, our daughter has a moodle so Lulu will have a ball, she will bounce and bound around the house I’m sure.

Have a merry Christmas and a safe and healthy new year, and thank you for our Lulu ?