Published 14 July 2023

Here are some great ideas to help keep our fury friends snug and warm this winter. Remember, little puppies and older pets with arthritis need more warmth during the colder Winter months.

Warm clothing (coats and jumpers)
Your pet will need space to breathe, so be sure the clothing isn’t too tight, or have cords and buttons that can be accidently swallowed.  

Your pet may or may not like booties to keep their feet warm in the frosty mornings!

Insulated shelter and heated bedding
If your pet can sleep inside that is great.  If you pet is an outdoor pet, make sure their shelter is insulated and off the ground to avoid moisture seeping in!  Also soft blankets and microwavable heat pillows are ideal.

Winter grooming routine
Our dog’s coat is their primary source of warmth and winter grooming is very important.  If their coat grows too long they are likely to get damp from wet grass. Wash your pet indoors and blow-dry them thoroughly.

Feeding your pet
When the weather is cooler our pets need more energy to keep themselves warm, so they get hungrier. More calories keep their core body temperature regulated. It’s also important to monitor their diet if they aren’t exercising as much during colder months.  If they are not exercising as much, you may need to monitor their intake to avoid the winter weight gain. If you are not sure about how much your pet should be eating, ask your Vet.