Published 12 September 2023

Maggie Dent: Good Dog Lessons

Author and eductor, Maggie Dent, is an advocate for healthy, common-sense raising of children in an effort to strengthen families and communities.  Maggie Dent has been in the media recently reporting that dogs can teach us about being better people.

  1. A good dog shows what unconditional love really means. Dogs don’t judge or critise.  Dogs simply welcome and embrace every moment they spend with you and your family.
  2. A good dog does not have family favourites – they will love all the members of your family equally.
  3. A good dog can match your child’s energy levels. They will run and jump and chase each other around your yard, while you relax and put the jug on for a cup of tea!
  4. A good dog teaches children responsibility. Your children can be in charge of feeding your dog and picking up the poo which is a valuable life lesson before our children leave home.
  5. Our children need to feel that they belong, are wanted and loved. A good dog loves to show every member of the family how much they are loved!
  6. There is nothing like coming home to a beating heart and wagging tail.  We all need comfort when we arrive home after a challenging day, or after failing exams. Dogs know when you are not well or not happy and they will stick by you, and ask no questions.
  7. A good dog can also teach empathy and compasion so much better than humans. A dog will give your children the capacity to deal with death, loss and the experience of grief.  This is tough love!  When a child experiences the death of a family pet this is a valuable experience to build resilience for the major loss and trauma that life inevitably delivers.

Maggie Dent believes that one of the best teachers you can add to your family is a good dog.  Maggie says if you don’t have a dog, give serious consideration to getting a puppy.

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