Exercise and Play

Digging holes in the garden, wrecking plants and pulling washing off the line are all symptoms of frustrated and bored dogs. Dogs need an outlet for their energy and this comes via exercise.


Dogs need regular exercise – for most dogs this means at least once a day. Forms of exercise can include walks, off leash runs and structured play. Ideally, dogs should be taken to council designated areas where they can be safely let off the leash to run free with no risk from motor traffic and no threat to farm livestock or wildlife. All exercise, even that taken off the leash, should be supervised and the dog kept within calling distance. Dogs should always be under the control of the owner, either physically via a lead or by voice control.


A large back-yard will offer the opportunity of some exercise, but under no circumstance should this be a substitute for regularly scheduled walks where the dog has the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and with humans.

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