Published 12 September 2023

Fluffy dogs

Channel 9 A Current Affair presented a lovely story about fluffy dogs helping school kids to learn to read.

The Story Dogs Program was the brain child of Janine Sigley 10 years ago.  Janine Sigley showed that fluffy canines are the perfect non-judgemental audience for Year 2 and Year 3 students to practice their reading.

Cavoodles are an ideal breed to take part in program because they are very loyal, loving, kind and calm.  Second Generation Cavoodles would be ideal because they are less likely to shed.

Fluffy Puppies has gorgeous Second Generation Cavoodles for sale right now that would be perfect for The Story Dogs Program.

Contact Fluffy Pupies today if you would like more information on 0408460581. We would love to help your child or grandchild improve their reading.