Published 12 September 2023

Training your puppy starts at a very early age.


  • We socialise our Fluffy Puppies by playing with them each day from three weeks of age.
  • After they are weaned from their mother at 7 weeks of age, we socialise our puppies with bigger dogs at our home.  

We recommend Puppy Pre-School to all of our customers. We guarantee that you will learn as much as your puppy! Contact your local Vet and enquire about enrolling in Puppy Pre-School in your area.

A well trained puppy is a joy to have in your home. Here are some very well trained Fluffy Puppies…

“Hi Marie-Louise and Geoff,


Zoe is still a little fire cracker and gives us so much joy. I have been teaching her tricks at home and slowly but surely we are increasing our repertoire. We have mastered the stand, sit, drop and roll over, crawl, ‘shake’ with the left and ‘high five’ with the right …. She loves tiny pieces of frozen raw steak and pieces of broccoli stalk (who’d have guessed?) … Thank you again for our beautiful little girl. Hope you think she is as beautiful as we do.



Hi Marie-Louise & Geoff,


Bella is off to the vet this morning to get her final vaccination – YAY!! We are really looking forward to being able to take her for walks in public areas. We have been getting her used to her leash around home, and she’s doing really well with it. She is such a pleasure to train, and so easy to train. She is very intelligent, picks up new things very quickly, and just wants to please us! What a wonderful addition to our family she is!

Here is another short video of Bella, showing the commands she has learnt so far – “stay”, “come”, “sit”, “paw”, “drop”, and “roll”.